AT&T Fixed Wireless Possible Availability

For your information – AT&T introduced Fixed Wireless to our area. Please contact them directly to check if your address is serviced.



The Town of Warren will have Jerry Kins from Chimney Rock Appraisal (715-895-8441), do a property revaluation. If you have any concerns please call Jerry directly.

Emergency Management Information for Flooding

Resident Information:

1.      Call your homeowners insurance agent.

2.      Clean and dry your home as quickly as possible – mold can form in areas.

3.      Consider purchasing flood insurance.

4.      The American Red Cross can provide clean-up kits by calling (877) 618-6628.

5.      You can try to protect your house using pumps, sand, pumps, trash pumps to protect your house from flooding.  Sandbags are possible too.  You should also look at a generator to try to keep electricity on for the pumps.

Here is a list of resources:

Tips on how to properly clean your house after water

Sandbags to hold sand can be purchased from:



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Sand should be able to be purchased from local excavating companies.

Concrete pre-cast products may be able to be purchased from a local construction company

County concrete is in Roberts